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find a doula questions

how does the process work?
Browse the vetted, trained doulas on our find a doula platform, and submit an inquiry with the doula you're most interested in working with. From there, you can connect with them to schedule a consultation and get started!
What is the difference between a doula and a midwife?
A midwife is a medical professional who offers care for pregnant people throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery. Doulas, on the other hand, do not provide medical care. They can help you navigate the landscape of giving birth and offer emotional, physical, and educational support during pregnancy and labor. Doulas are companions on your childbearing journey, and offer guidance and information to help you make informed decisions that are best for you and your family.
What does birth doula support include?
While each doula creates their own birth support package, it typically includes text/email/phone support during pregnancy; prenatal meetings to get to know each other and to discuss your birth intentions, comfort measures, advocacy in your chosen birth setting, and preparation for the postpartum period; continuous support from when they meet you in labor through birth and the immediate postpartum; postpartum visit(s) to help process your birth, offer guidance for your healing and recovery, support your lactation/feeding goals; share resources for other perinatal professionals.
What is the difference between a postpartum doula and a baby nurse/night nurse?
Baby nurses, sometimes referred to as newborn care specialists, focus on providing care for your baby, and night nurses care for the baby specifically during the overnight period so that the parent(s) can get more uninterrupted sleep. The term is a bit of a misnomer, as not all baby nurses have a nursing degree. Postpartum doulas can also offer baby care and guidance during the newborn period, but they are also focused on supporting YOU - both physically as you heal, and emotionally by offering a listening ear as you transition to new parenthood or the growth of your family. Postpartum doulas can vary in what they offer in their packages, and other services can include lactation and feeding support, cooking and meal prep, light cleaning, etc. Some doulas also offer overnight postpartum support to assist with lactation/feedings and to optimize sleep for the family.

can you help me figure out my budget?
Newer doulas who have been in practice less than one year will generally be $1000 or under. More experienced doulas in practice a couple of years or so will be $1000-2000 and very experienced doulas in practice several years, with sometimes other certifications, will be $2000 and up.

These fees are usually for their entire package of 1-3 prenatal visits, support in labor and birth, and 1-2 postpartum visits. It may also include other things like lactation support - it just depends on the doula's individual package/experience or training! You can find that out when you reach out to them.

As for postpartum support, if you're looking for more than a visit or two, a postpartum doula would be a great idea. Typically, newer postpartum doulas may range from about $30-35 per hour for daytime sessions, more experienced postpartum doulas can range from $35-55 per hour, and very experienced doulas can be $55+ per hour. Overnight doula support typically starts at ~$40 per hour and goes up to $60+ per hour. Postpartum doulas may also vary in what they offer in terms of support related to cooking/meal prep, lactation, etc.
how does payment work?
Payment is done directly with the doula, rather than with Manhattan Birth. Once you have found the right doula for you, they will get you set up with next steps in signing their contract and payment.

mentor program questions

will this be recorded?
All materials will be provided in your class dashboard within 24-48 hours. There is a library of pre recorded materials for you to reference throughout the program. Live classes are subject to change due to birth or other unforeseen life circumstances but you will be notified of any changes to the mentor program schedule via email.
who can i reach out to for billing related questions?
If you come across errors in billing or you need to adjust your payment method, or you simply have questions please contact Guramrit: and she will help.
how can i update my card for payments?
Login to your account on, and visit your account page. Click on "payment methods" to see your purchases and update your payment information. Please reach out if you have any issues.

class questions

what if I can't make every class?
All of our classes are recorded and are uploaded to your Class Dashboard within 24-48 hours. You can catch up on what you have missed and of course reach out to our instructors if you have questions along the way.
my parents would like to join our childbirth or cpr class — do they have to enroll?
Since our courses are virtual, we are happy to have your larger support system join you. The cost of each class includes attendance for 2 people including yourself. If your parents or friends would like to attend, they will need to purchase a separate ticket.
can i have a discount?
We are committed to being accessible and inclusive. Please contact us for sliding scale and scholarships for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, solo parents, if one or both people in the family are unemployed/underemployed, students or any other unique situation if you do not see a discount for the program or class you are interested in.
what is your policy for rescheduling or refunding my class purchase?
We believe in the offerings we provide and truly hope you are satisfied with them. We understand things happen, schedules change and you may be unable to attend class.

We will do our best to accommodate and reschedule you to the next class if your schedule permits. However, given that our classes are primarily virtual and in some cases videos through our learning portal, we typically do not offer refunds.

If you need to cancel a class and require a refund, you can request a refund within 7 days of your original purchase or prior to your scheduled class.

Refunds are issued at our discretion and handled on a case by case basis. Refunds will either be processed as a credit for a future class through a Manhattan Birth gift card or back to your original payment source minus a 5% processing fee. Please send your refund request to
do you take insurance for class payment?
We accept flexible spending (HSA/FSA) cards as a form of payment for our childbirth education and lactation classes.
how can i find a doula?
Our Doula Referral Service can help take some of the footwork and uncertainty out of finding the right person to lead you through your birth, postpartum, and/or lactation experience. Manhattan Birth doulas talk the talk, walk the walk, and are with you ​every step of the way. Get started in finding your doula!
how do i find lactation support?
We have an amazing team of lactation support professionals who provide private lactation consultations virtually via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom or in our Manhattan office on the Upper West Side. Get started by heading over to our Private Lactation Consultation page.
i’m not sure i’m with the right provider, can you help?
We offer pregnancy mentoring services and resources to folks on any topic that suits your needs, based on your desires for your birth. Mentoring sessions are offered via phone or Zoom. Follow up resources are specially curated and generously provided based off of your session.
what do you cover in the comprehensive prep?
- Stages & Phases of labor
- Emotional Signposts of labor
- When to go to the hospital/call your midwife
- Pushing/Second Stage
- Comforting Touch
- Relaxation Techniques
- Role of the Partner
- Pain management (Including nitrous, IV pain medications, epidural)
- Cesarean and gentle cesarean birth
- Choosing the right provider
- Advocating for yourself
- The First 6 Weeks - Postpartum Planning
are classes in person or virtual?
All of our classes are virtual but are recorded so you can access them when you have time!
will you ever have in person classes?
All of our classes will remain virtual for the foreseeable future.
can i bundle classes?
If you decide to take more than one class with us you can use the code mbbundle for a $30 discount.
i've registered, when will i receive class information?
Upon payment, you will receive a receipt indicating that you have paid for your class. A week prior to the start date of class you will receive an automated email with your class date/time and zoom link along with a reminder to log into your class dashboard to access your welcome course and all future class materials.
i’ve registered for childbirth classes, can i decide when i take my lactation and newborn class?
Absolutely. Please sign up for a live class here or an on-demand version here.

Select the date you'd like and use code lactation (which provides the class for free).
i'm deciding between the express and comprehensive birth classes. can you tell me what is/isn't covered by taking one or the other?
Comprehensive Childbirth Prep covers anatomy, the stages, signs and symptoms of labor, non-pharmacological comfort techniques, practice, when to go to the place of birth, medical interventions should you need them and everything to expect at the hospital including advocacy and support.

Childbirth Express covers these elements as well but in a condensed 1-day format. It's designed for folks who are short on time.
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