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Integrative Lactation & Feeding Specialist Program

A unique 10-week program to create a community of lactation and feeding professionals who focus on the goals of the family

Our next cohort, will have meetings March 4 – May 13, held virtually on Monday evenings 5–7pm ET.

  • Mar 4
  • Mar 18
  • Apr 1
  • Apr 15
  • Apr 29
  • May 13

We have just closed registration and scholarship applications for this March-May cohort.


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Creating a community of birth workers who focus on the goals of the family.

People having babies do not receive adequate holistic and integrative lactation + feeding support or care. The medical-industrial complex (MIC) drops people off at the curb with a 2-3 day old baby and a pediatrician who does not know how to assess the lactating or feeding parent. These families are left with Dr. Google, guilt, shame, and confusion.

This is where YOU, the Integrative Lactation + Feeding Specialist come in.

Expectant and new families need a community of birth workers who are knowledgeable about the barriers they face while helping without promoting any other agenda besides the one the families want. 

It’s time for lactation and feeding to work towards what is best for the family. It’s more than just the milk. 

Our 10-week training will create a community of lactation and feeding professionals proficient in:

  • the current state of breast/body feeding in the United States
  • anatomy + physiology (lactation, baby reflexes)
  • contraindications to bodyfeeding
  • pumping & expression of milk
  • hospital atmosphere and effect on lactation
  • cultural considerations
  • alternatives to bodyfeeding
  • inducing lactation
  • inclusivity: a holistic approach 
  • addressing various scenarios through case studies
  • growing a lactation business
  • and more!

why work with us?

we consider the full picture.

Our program addresses the institution and family structure that act as support or barriers to the family/new parent.

our community is inclusive.

We are creating a credential that is taught from an inclusive and actively anti-racist perspective. Single, LGBTQIA+ families, and adopted families are not othered. 

our training is in-depth.

This program offers varied modes of learning, from weekly case studies and formal presentations to small group meetings, mentorship and more. Complete the course with a final exam, written lactation assessments and a case study presentation and walk away with a credential that you can be proud to hold. 

what if, in the future, you could...

Feel culturally-competent in your care.

Meet your clients and the community right where they are from an actively inclusive and empowering place. 

Feel more confident as a business owner.

Authentically grow your practice while serving families with their lactation and feeding needs. Let us assist you as you build your practice and know your clear scope of work.

Update your resumé to include lactation credentials.

When you join our Program, you not only can add Integrative Lactation + Feeding Specialist to your skillset, you are eligible for 45 hours of CERPS + CMEs.  

join us.

The program runs for 10 weeks. This is a virtual but live and interactive program with classes bi-weekly.

Pricing: $895

Enrollment is now closed for the March-May cohort. Join our waitlist (above) to be notified when we launch the next round of the program.

Scholarships are available to BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled folks.  Please apply here.

Otherwise you will be able to self select a payment plan during checkout.

"I sincerely believe I wouldn't have had the knowledge, skills, and confidence to get my business off the ground if I wasn't a part of this program. Tanya always says 'a rising tide lifts all boats' and I truly felt that in my program year - being surrounded by so many determined, passionate, and amazing doulas helped elevate my own confidence and goals."

starting your practice mentee

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