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Midwife Musings: Can I eat in labor?

Did you know you can eat in labor? There is a bit of research that shows that folks who are low risk and in labor can benefit from eating and drinking.

Our friends at Evidenced Based Birth share that “in the mid 1900s, when anesthesia methods were crude and unsafe, “Nothing by Mouth” policies came about to prevent the dangerous consequences of aspiration with general anesthesia. Now that the safety of anesthesia has greatly improved, hospital policies and physician guidelines need to be rewritten to be in line with current evidence. We’ve started to see some movement in that direction. Several countries have started encouraging people to eat and drink as desired during labor, and in the U.S., obstetric practice guidelines were updated in 2009 to allow clear liquids.”

Tune in to what Tanya Wills, CNM, LM, IBCLC, WHNP has to say about this.

By Guramrit LeBron

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