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midwifery mentorship program

Are you a student midwife, in the PEP process or in the first three years of  your practice looking for support, community, guidance and fellowship? Join Manhattan Birth's midwifery mentorship program this winter.  

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creating an environment of acceptance and support for people who are student midwives + new to their practice

Becoming a midwife is a vulnerable, courageous and chaotic process that goes beyond providing intimate and personalized care to people with uteruses. The training you've received focuses on labor, skills, and assessments, but neglects the self discovery and personal growth necessary to be a confident leader and care provider. 

Midwifery students and new midwives enter a ‘sink or swim’ environment where the elders eat their young. You are often left building the groundwork for burnout and exhaustion, confused about your place in healthcare, in the profession of midwifery and where your life is going. 

This is where our mentorship at Manhattan Birth comes in. 

our 12-month program will include:

  • 1-1 mentorship with Tanya Wills, CNM, IBCLC
  • Skills: NRP, Supplies/Bag, IV skills, Suturing, Assessing FHT, Transfers, Charting, Emergencies (Hemorrhage, shoulder), Lactation, and more
  • Examining and navigating the power dynamics in midwifery + midwifery education
  • White supremacy and patriarchy in the history of medicine and midwifery
  • Building an inclusive midwifery practice
  • Accessibility in midwifery care
  • How to get paid: fees & insurance
  • How to find your ideal clients
  • Relationship building & excellent client management
  • Crafting your practice in congruence with your values
  • Establishing a solid philosophy around your midwifery practice
  • Boundaries and sustainability

And more.

Why join us?

our community is supportive

We create an environment of acceptance and support for people who are entering midwifery, through either the antiquated and dysfunctional models of midwifery education or through their first encounters as a professional midwife in a broken healthcare system.  Our goal is to end this lonely road through mentorship and community. 

our mentorship is inclusive

This is not a contest of credentials. We come together to envision a healthy and healing path for our clients, our communities and ourselves, and this means we must consider how our work can be inclusive, equitable and accessible to all.

you are enough

We are here to assist with the self-discovery, personal growth, and confidence necessary to be a midwife in any setting. You will walk away knowing how to forge a sustainable and fulfilling career while being confident in who you really are, and who you are here to become. You are enough.

what if, in the future, you could...

Offer culturally-safe care.

Meet your clients and the community right where they are from an actively inclusive and empowering place. 

Feel more confident as a business owner.

Authentically grow your practice with the right-fit clients. Let us assist you as you build your practice and know your clear scope of work.

Count on the support of your fellow midwives.

Join a community of midwives dedicated to serving with integrity and care. Call on your peers & mentors when you have questions, and refer them out when you're booked up.

join us.

The program runs for 12 months, and our first training begins January 31, 2023. This is a virtual but live and interactive program with classes on Tuesday nights from 6-8pm Eastern time. You will be mentored by the one and only Tanya Wills, CNM, IBCLC. 

Pricing: $4500

Generous scholarships  are available to BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled folks. We also offer special pricing for student midwives. Please note in your application if this applies to you.


"There is no way, that I would be getting through my accelerated midwifery program whole, without the guidance and support I've received from Tanya. Her empathy, understanding and wise words have kept me on track, my eyes laser focused on my goals, and have kept my head above water when I felt surely I would drown."

student midwife

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