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manhattan birth midwifery: fertility support

Gynecological care doesn’t have to be the worst thing in the world. And it doesn’t have to hurt. . .

We are delighted to offer our model of compassionate, personalized, no-paper-gowns, non-judgmental, trauma-informed gynecological care, and annual check-ups. Both Sarah and Tanya are Board Certified Reproductive Health Nurse Practitioners (WHNP-BC) and have extensive training and experience working with reproductive issues with an integrative and holistic approach. That means, we are interested in partnering with YOU to take care of YOU, not just your body parts.

As a new patient in one of our private and personal office spaces, you can expect to be greeted with a smile, wear clothes, be listened to, and find trusted partners in your reproductive health care. Your comfort, safety, and a pain-free experience is our priority. We will patiently offer information and obtain true consent for all exams and procedures throughout the appointment. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, change your mind, or want pain medication, we will oblige without question. You deserve respect and understanding in all your care.

come to our midwifery for fertility support:

fertility coaching

For some people, conceiving a pregnancy will be straightforward, or even a surprise. And for others, health and fertility optimization will be a helpful tool in getting the results they desire. During fertility coaching, we offer lab assessments, as well as a lifestyle review, how to chart and understand ovulation and sperm health, and timing of intercourse or IUI.

intrauterine insemination (iui)

We offer a private environment where you can make your IUI conception as special as you want it to be. Our team will guide you and be on call for when you are in your ovulation window. We provide gentle, respectful, pain-free IUI with frozen or fresh sperm. If you require sperm washing, we also provide this service for an additional fee.


fertility services
Fertility Coaching: 
$495 for 3 months of coaching and follow up

IUI Process:
15 minute free consultation
Intake and plan (one time cost): $395
In-Office Insemination: $500 per visit
In-Home Insemination: $1000 per visit
Density Gradient Sperm Washing: $150 per visit

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