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manhattan birth midwifery: well person care

Gynecological care doesn’t have to be the worst thing in the world. And it doesn’t have to hurt. . .

We are delighted to offer our model of compassionate, personalized, no-paper-gowns, non-judgmental, trauma-informed gynecological care, and annual check-ups. Both Sarah and Tanya are Board Certified Reproductive Health Nurse Practitioners (WHNP-BC) and have extensive training and experience working with reproductive issues with an integrative and holistic approach. That means, we are interested in partnering with YOU to take care of YOU, not just your body parts.

As a new patient in one of our private and personal office spaces, you can expect to be greeted with a smile, wear clothes, be listened to, and find trusted partners in your reproductive health care. Your comfort, safety, and a pain-free experience is our priority. We will patiently offer information and obtain true consent for all exams and procedures throughout the appointment. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, change your mind, or want pain medication, we will oblige without question. You deserve respect and understanding in all your care.

come to our midwifery for the following services:

annual check-ups & primary care

It is recommended people see a reproductive healthcare provider annually – but why? At your annual check-up, we discuss your reproductive and sexual health history and review what testing, referrals, or information you might need, like pap smears, STI screening, blood work, mammograms or ultrasounds. 

If you have no complaints or symptoms, you don’t have to have an internal exam. We will assist you in learning how to assess your own breasts/chest for unusual lumps or abnormalities. We are happy to provide testing for you in a safe, comfortable, pain-free environment. We also offer self-speculum insertion, self-STI swabbing and self-pap smear collection for anyone who prefers it. Your body is yours, and we are here as your partners, working with you to get the care you need, your way.

addressing gynecological issues

We are here to assist you with common GYN problems like yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, STI screening and/or treatment, as well as painful or irregular periods or any other issues you might be having. We take an integrative and holistic approach to your care and will partner with you to clear up any issues and keep them clear. That means we might offer holistic lifestyle or natural remedies, as well as supplements or prescriptions.

testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted infections are common and there doesn’t need to be any stigma or shame connected to them. We offer screening and testing for all STIs, as well as treatments and cures, so you can move on with your life.

miscarriage & abortion care

Pregnancy loss and termination are incredibly common (more than 1 in 4 people), yet individuals still feel the burden of social stigma and fear. People often feel lost and alone during this important time in their reproductive health journey. Tanya and Sarah will counsel you to demystify what’s happening right now with your body, and offer various options, with pain control, to complete a miscarriage or abortion up to 10 weeks gestation in our office, your home, or via tele-health.

gynecological care for teens & young adults

The first visit to a reproductive healthcare provider can be scary and intimidating. Sarah and Tanya have extensive experience as reproductive health educators for people of all ages, using their favorite tools: humor, honesty, acceptance, and warmth. We will meet you right where you are - no shame! We can discuss any questions you have about what’s going on with your body right now, any contraceptive or STI prevention interests you may have, and learn about you to become your trusted care partners.


For about half the pregnant people in the U.S., their pregnancies are unplanned. Choosing a method of contraception can be confusing, and after a Google search – enter FEAR. 

We want you to get the full picture, so you can have control over when and if you choose to become pregnant. Each option for contraception has its pros and cons and each individual person will find some methods more appealing than others. 

We walk you through all your options including:

  • Natural methods: fertility awareness method (charting), lactational amenorrhea method
  • Gels: spermicide, Phexxi
  • Barrier methods: condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps
  • Pills: various doses of combination or progesterone only birth control pills, emergency contraception like plan B
  • Long Acting Reversible contraception: copper IUD (paragard) or hormonal IUD (like Mirena)

If you choose a method that requires a prescription, instructions for use, or insertion in the office, we can also provide a patient, comfortable, and pain-free experience for you. In addition to providing a calm, trusting environment, where you are respected and always in control, with the support people of your choosing, we also offer various methods of pain management, including:

  • Pre-medicating with something like ibuprofen
  • Pre-medicating with anti-anxiolytics (medications or herbs)
  • Topical Lidocaine
  • Paracervical block/Lidocaine injection
  • IV pain medication/sedation


annual exam & primary care
New Patients: $295 
Returning Patients: $195 

Sliding scale available
contraceptive care
IUD insertion: $295
miscarriage & abortion care
15 minute free consultation
Telehealth counseling and management: $295
In-office management: $600-$1,000
In-Home management: $1,500-$2,500
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