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Get 1-on-1 time with one of amazing instructors

These private classes are for folks who prefer a more intimate setting, or for those who have tricky schedules and can’t make our scheduled sessions. Our seasoned instructors tailor classes to your individual needs and are informed by your specific family situation (age of baby, size of family, etc.).

We offer private infant/child cpr, lactation + newborn care and a childbirth express class.

Classes vary from 2-6 hours and are virtual.

All classes include followup and an abundance of resources to ensure you are set up for success.

"Sarah Lovell came to our home for a private session yesterday to prepare us for our (third) delivery. She was wonderful, so well informed and lovely to work with. I especially liked that she really tailored the information to our needs, and we were impressed that she could answer just about any question we had. Thank you again!"


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