Childbirth Refresher Course


12:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Been here before? Expecting again? We are so happy to have you back for our Childbirth Refresher Course!

Let us jog your memory. Breathing, labor practice, and candid conversations about what it all feels like – Let’s do it again! Only this time, we promise, it will be different from the first. But we will have just as much fun. And you’ll have new stories to share.

​We have specially formulated a 3 hour class to review all you need to know about this time around.

​Classes are welcoming for folks planning home, birthing center, or hospital births. We get you!

Please select your preferred date for the Childbirth Refresher Course from the dropdown below.

"I would recommend this class to everyone, no matter what kind of birth you want, because knowledge is power and Manhattan Birth gives you all the tools to choose with your eyes wide open and with zero judgment."
Gina & Ken
mom + dad to olivia
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