On-Demand: Confidence Born – Ready for Homebirth Class


Interested in homebirth? Planning a home birth? Join our homebirth prep class, now on-demand!

This virtual, self-paced class offers a positive and down-to-earth focus on normal labor at home with a homebirth team, partner support and roles especially during labor and after, needs in labor (stages, support, what to expect, etc), waterbirth (and other ways babies come out at home!), what happens in case of a hospital transfer, as well as the immediate postpartum period/lactation, etc.

Go to our Confidence Born: Ready for Homebirth Bundle if you’d also like our Lactation + Newborn Class for FREE!

"This class isn't a typical childbirth class that you suffer through a few times to learn some breathing exercises and find out which hospital entrance to use when in labor. It is a community of diverse, yet like-minded, couples with a charismatic, witty and passionate teacher who infuses humor, inspiration and storytelling into her lessons."
Susannah and Eric
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