Integrative Lactation & Feeding Specialist Program

From: $74.58 / month for 12 months

Creating a community of birth workers who focus on the goals of the family

People who are having babies do not receive adequate holistic and integrative lactation + feeding support or care.  The medical-industrial complex (MIC) drops people off at the curb with a 2-3 day old baby and a pediatrician who does not know how to assess the lactating or feeding parent. These families are left with Dr. Google, guilt, shame, and confusion.  

This is where YOU, the Integrative Lactation + Feeding Specialist come in. 

Expectant and new families need a community of birth workers who are knowledgeable about the barriers they face while helping without promoting any other agenda besides the one the families want.  

Learn more about what this program has to offer by clicking here.

45 Hours of Continuing Education Recognition Points (CERPS) from the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners are available

Meetings are held virtually, via Zoom, on Monday evenings 5–7pm ET, March 4 – May 13:

  • Mar 4
  • Mar 18
  • Apr 1
  • Apr 15
  • Apr 29
  • May 13


"...the best decision I've ever made for myself and my doula practice... Birthwork is impossible without community and just as we encourage our clients to cultivate their village to support them during their birth and postpartum experiences, we need to do that for ourselves too!"
Ariel De Roche
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