New Parents Support Group: Drop-in (1 Session)


Drop-in rate for your choice of one session

6 Week Virtual Meetup (August 21-October 2)

No meetup on September 4

Meeting weekly on Monday’s
2:00PM -3:00 PM EST

This is not a “class” but instead is a peer support group facilitated by a non-judgmental, working mom who has and will cry, laugh and listen right alongside you, while offering her expertise.

We start each week with a general go around and check-in, followed by activities focused on our weekly topic. We’ll be exploring, writing, and talking about common concerns for new parents and developing strategies and sharing resources for solutions.

Topics may include:

  • Birth processing
  • Sleep, self-care
  • Baby blues vs postpartum depression, and the indigo range between
  • Navigating friendships, old friends, childless friends, new friends, those with different parenting philosophies
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Self image and body image
  • Infant feeding, including lactation, pumping, and bottles
  • Childcare issues and considerations; To work or not to work? Work from home?
  • Relationship balance, including sex
  • What topic would you bring up?

Our meetup is now virtual! Join us from the comfort of your own home.

Choose the number of sessions you’d like to attend below. You’ll be prompted to select dates during the checkout process.

We also offer discounted 4 week, 6 week, and 8 week packages!

". . . a kick ass facilitator, who made me feel so comfortable and created an awesome environment for reflection and community. Thank you so much for everything!"
a second time mom
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