Making Birth Work Queer + Trans Inclusive


10:00 AM-12:00 PM EST

Instructor: Ray Rachlin, LM, CPM, CLC from Refuge Midwifery

In this introductory level workshop, we explore how implementing  client-centered practices for queer, transgender and gender nonconforming pregnant families to improve and enhances the care we provide for all families seeking birth support care. LGBTQ+ people face many obstacles to healthcare access including a lack of knowledgeable care providers, other people’s lack of awareness of identity issues, and outright prejudice and discrimination. This leads to both underutilization of healthcare and overmedicalization, and contributes to health disparities and poor outcomes, especially by individuals with intersecting marginalized identities.

As birth workers, we are in a unique position to offer culturally competent care to this client population. In this workshop, we will go over vocabulary and acronyms relevant to serving queer and transgender clients, as well as ways to facilitate gender-inclusive care through intake forms, education tools, and the ways we talk about midwifery, birth, and feeding newborns. We will share resources for further continuing education and learning. Finally, we will develop a collective understanding of how these changes will benefit all of our clients, regardless of gender identity.

"...the best decision I've ever made for myself and my doula practice... Birthwork is impossible without community and just as we encourage our clients to cultivate their village to support them during their birth and postpartum experiences, we need to do that for ourselves too!"
Ariel De Roche
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