Infant Developmental Movement + Milestones: 3-6 Months


10:00 AM – 12:30 PM EST
Instructor: Whitney Burke

In this class, we will discuss how to read your baby’s cues such as stress signs to determine their needs before crying.

Our main topic is rolling: what are the building blocks and precursor skills to rolling, when should you expect your little one to start rolling. We discuss simple ways to incorporate rolling activities in your daily routines and playtime, how to work play into daily routines such as diapering, clothing changes, feeding. We continue to discuss tummy time and give you the tools to help advance your baby’s tummy time skills and why this is important. We touch upon sitting, going into detail about the importance of sitting and when you should expect these gross motor skills to appear.

"Walking with Whitney was eye-opening and transformative of my daily routine. Whitney’s expanded definition of tummy time and suggestions for modifications have already (in two days) eliminated my worries around the subject and increased my baby’s enjoyment of it."
New mom
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