Infant Developmental Movement + Milestones: Birth – 3 Months


10:00 AM – 12:30 PM EST
Instructor: Whitney Burke

In this class, we will discuss how to read your baby’s cues such as stress signs to determine their needs before crying.

This is where we talk about TUMMY TIME: when to start, how often to do it, what positions are best to promote guaranteed success. We also discuss topics which may be less familiar to you: what to do with your newborn and how to prevent issues like Flat Head Syndrome and Torticollis as well as how to promote natural movement and early play with your newborn while avoiding overstimulation. Additionally, we will touch upon topics such as proper positioning in baby carriers, things to consider when swaddling, appropriate as well as effective toys for this age group in order to promote development.

"My baby, who used to cry within two minutes of being placed tummy down, now smiles at the mirror, floats happily in my arms, watches me in the kitchen, and looks at the pages of a book, all tummy down. I could go on and on. Thank you, Whitney!”
new mom
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