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our values

our statement on inclusivity

At Manhattan Birth we honor and acknowledge that: 

Not all families look the same.
Not every birthing person identifies as a woman.
Not every parent refers to themself as mom or dad. 

We recognize that society associates parenting with exclusively cis-gendered heterosexual realtionships and women. While birthing women (and those who self identify as women) are deeply affected by the patriarchal system in which we birth and learn about our bodies, we are COMMITTED to including our LGBTQIAP+ friends because this exclusive hetero-normative language is harmful. This community is deeply marginalized in reproductive health and wellness. Our role in revolutionizing the childbearing year includes recognizing the oppression that this community has felt in their pursuit of happiness. This pursuit, for many people, regardless of their identification, birthing a baby and having a family is part of that.

We are committed to: 

  • 100% inclusive languaging and images throughout all of our materials including: videos, pictures, worksheets, handouts and continue to work towards making improvements
  • Asking our students, staff, faculty, mentors and doulas to share their pronouns and to use their pronouns! You deserve that respect!  
  • Using appropriately inclusive language that includes but is not limited to: 
    • Lactation
    • Human milk
    • Chest feeding 
    • Body feeding 
    • Birthing People/Expecting Folks 
    • Laboring person 
    • Partner/support person 
  • Staying informed and up to date by listening to these communities on what THEY NEED
  • Providing scholarships and sponsorship to families seeking childbirth and new parent classes as well as those who are interested in mentorship with us through our 12-month doula mentor program

We are here to create community and in order to do so we need to be held accountable. 

Please keep us accountable and let us know how we can continue to be better and do better by you.

Our Values // Anti-Racism

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